and thank you for coming to my website. I have created gardenwriters.ca for several reasons. I hope that gardeners can use my site to access great horticultural information specific to their climate. The information in many of the blogs is updated regularly by writers from across the country.

I hope this is an opportunity for garden writers to promote their writing skills, learn from their peers, (not only exchanging horticultural ideas but also ideas about web design and new technology), increase their website traffic, and most importantly sell their books.

There are several types of websites. I have listed them as Web Blogs, Web Sites and Photographic Journals.

I have listed the Web Blogs in two parts. The first is listed alphabetically by author. Because some people use a pseudonym or are anonymous the second part is listed alphabetically by title.

Be sure to check out "Other Sources". It lists links to Radio, Television, Books, and Magazines. It also has directories to international garden blogs.

I especially like the Radio section. My Saturday mornings are filled with the sound of radio gardening shows over the internet. With the internet, people can listen to local gardening shows from across the country. If you know of any more please contact me with that information and I will be sure to add them.

In fact, I am interested in anything you have to say so please feel free to send me your ideas and any garden writer links that I have missed and I will add them to my lists.

Mark Disero

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